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Feliciani Law Group's mission is to serve as your partner, help you navigate the complex legal battlefield, and provide a guiding hand in very complex and personal legal matters.
Practice Areas
What makes us different!


The first thing your will notice on our site is that we are not the firm for everyone! You will not see every area of the law listed here. Our clients like it that way and so do we! We are a small, busy firm that accepts good, meritorious cases only in limited number of practice areas. We focus on these limited practice areas in order to have a deeper understanding of each of them and the battle you will be facing.

Our firm and this website are designed for intelligent consumers. As you will see, we provide you information designed to help you make educated decisions regarding your particular case. We are not braggards! We let our work speak for itself!

We are also different from the majority of law firms in that we offer flat fee billing in all of our practice areas, including family law. Why does that matter? It matters because it changes the dynamics of the relationship with your attorney. Other attorney's bill you by the minute, which means they are constantly trying to create billable events. For you, you know exactly what your costs are at the beginning of our engagement. There are no surprises!

Feliciani Law offers residents of Pennsylvania legal services and representation in very specific areas of the law, including Elder Law, Estate Planning, Domestic Litigation for MEN, and First Time DUI’s. Click on the links below to discover more about how we serve our clients.

Individual Areas:

Elder Law

You will find many firms that list Elder Law as a subcategory of estate planning in their practice areas. Other firms only handle certain parts of Elder Law and cannot or will not enter a court room. We are not one of those Firms. Elder law is a complicated area of law and we pride ourselves in not only being able to handle the transactional work, but we are experience litigators in this field as well. We can handle your entire case, no matter what your unique situation call for.

We represent people and families that are considering or transitioning themselves or a loved one from independent living to living in a facility, whether it be assisted living, personal care or a skilled nursing facility. This transition is difficult not just from a legal perspective but also on a more personal level. The transition to a facility can involves many areas of the law including contracts, estate planning, Medicaid planning, trusts, powers of attorney, financial planning, guardianships, orphans’ court litigation, civil litigation, filial support defense and fiduciary laws. 

If you or a loved one is considering or in the process of transitioning from independent living take a look at some of our free reports. The nursing homes have attorneys working behind the scenes to ensure they are paid in each and every case. If you are not represented by an attorney you are at a severe disadvantage. If you are looking for a partner to help make sense of a difficult situation, if you have a question or need help give us a call (215) 825-3797.

Estate Planning

Almost every law firm offers Estate Planning as part of their menu of services, not every firm does this as a main part of their business. We are different. We only practice in select areas of the law, including Estate Planning. This enables us to more closely follow changes in the field and appropriately advise and update our clients. 

We believe that when you need help planning and protecting your family’s legacy, ensuring that the correct financial decisions are made, and protecting your wishes for your health care, your attorney should have the skills and expertise necessary to recognize not just the obvious, but the more complicated issues that may arise. We are able to do that because we limit and focus our firms work in select fields of law.

If you need your estate planning documents reviewed, need to make changes, or are looking for a partner to establish and build an new estate plan for you and your family give us a call (215) 825-3797.

Domestic Litigation

We are not your typical domestic litigation firm, we are very different from other firms. We only represent MEN! There are hundreds of firms that represent woman and men and will take any case that comes through their door. We are not that firm! 

Robert is a divorced single parent and has been not only been through the family courts as an attorney but as a father and husband. Robert has personally witnessed the prejudice against men in the court system and is passionate about righting that wrong.

We believe that men are in a unique position, often times at a disadvantage, in domestic relations matters and face a host of issues that only affect them. The remains of prejudice against men in custody, support, divorce and equitable distribution run rampant in the courts. We fight for justice for our male clients every day. Unlike other firms, we are here to advise and advocate for good, loving and nurturing MEN fighting for their rights in the family law courts. We fight for equality for MEN in the family law courts. 

If you are a MAN facing a divorce, custody, support, or protection from abuse matter and you are looking for a firm that specializes in the unique needs of MEN, give us a call and see the difference a firm focused on your unique position can make. If you have any questions or need any help give us a call (215) 825-3797.

First Time DUI’s

DUI’s can be an embarrassing and life altering occurrence. The cost alone is more than most people are able to afford. Many attorney’s charge thousands of dollars to assist you with a first time DUI. We don’t do that. We charge a reasonable flat fee and work with you to help make this process as easy and painless as possible.

Our objective is to help you navigate the system, secure the most favorable outcome in your unique circumstance, and help you move forward with your life. If you have any questions or need help give us a call (215) 825-3797.

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